Employment Expo postponed, as restrictions make event impractical

SUCCESS: Students learnt a lot from last year's expo, with organisers hoping for more of the same this year.
SUCCESS: Students learnt a lot from last year's expo, with organisers hoping for more of the same this year.

The Tatiara Business Association has made the decision to postpone its Employment Expo until September 3.

Despite South Australia's seven-day lockdown ending on time, current restrictions have made hosting the event on August 6 at the Tatiara Civic Centre impactable.

Secretary Jo Edwards said schools throughout the state had been requested to not attend any type of excursions during the current restrictions.

Students only returned to on-site schooling on Wednesday, with high school students required to wear mask unless it interfered with their education.

Current restrictions have also resulted in parents, or other adult visitors, to not visit the school unless it is necessary.

Mrs Edwards said the business association is unsure how long current restrictions will last, so the logically solution was to postpone the event until later in the year.

She explained that while the date change was inconvenient, the association hopes to see a strong number of local businesses take part in the event.

The Employment Expo provides students from across the region with an opportunity to see what career paths exist in their own backyard.

Mrs Edwards said the event is likely to look similar to last year, however, there will be some additions to help make the expo more engaging for attendees.

The event has garnered interest from schools in Bordertown, Keith, Kaniva, Lameroo and Edenhope, and increase on previous years.

Mrs Edwards said while people may move away for work purposes, it is important to provide them with local job opportunities in the hopes of them wanting to return home at some stage.

"There are a lot of kids who move away and then decide that living in the city is not for them - they might find it hard living in different surroundings," she said.

"We love seeing people who have moved away and then decide to come home and start a family.

"We have so many great job opportunities and we hope the expo can allow students to network with local businesses."

Tatiara Business Association's Employment Expo will now take place on Friday, September at the Tatiara Civic Centre from 9am-1:30pm.

For more information about the event, please contact Jo Edwards on: 0417 827 122, or by email at: tatiarabusinessassoc@gmail.com.