Hope the chimpanzee celebrates turning two years old at Monarto Safari Park

It was a very hope-y birthday for Monarto Safari Park's newest two-year-old resident.

The park's primate keepers celebrated young Hope's second birthday on Friday, February 19.

She scored special birthday-themed enrichment, including papier-mache presents with grapes, big banners, streamers, paper chains, rainbow-coloured woodwool, bucket ice blocks, and for the first time, a pool with bubbles.

Primate keeper Hayley Lewis said adventurous Hope was "always testing the boundaries" and loved to play with her mother Hannah, 16-month-old Zola and five-year-old-Enzi.

"Hope's mum Hannah is very playful and they can often be seen laughing as they engage in a game of tickle," she said.

"One of Hope's favourite games is to be thrown into the air by her mum and caught again.

"In recent times Hope has been practising her somersaults but has now moved onto flipping into hammocks."

Along with the birthday party, there was a celebration for Hope's father Tsotsi, who has now been the alpha male of the troop for 10 years.

Tsotsi, now aged 31 years, came from Adelaide Zoo in 2009 to help build the new chimpanzee troop at Monarto.

He became alpha male in 2011 and has some challengers take him on, but with the support of the female chimpanzees, he has continued to lead the troop.

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