The future is bright for Tatiara Retirement Village after solar system installation

SOLAR: Tony Pasin MP and Fiona Johnson and Peter Maney from Tatiara Retirement Village Community Centre.

SOLAR: Tony Pasin MP and Fiona Johnson and Peter Maney from Tatiara Retirement Village Community Centre.

The sun shines bright across Australia, and for many people looking to save money on power bills and reduce emissions, solar panels are a no-brainer.

For the Tatiara Retirement Village, receiving $7,532 from the Federal Government's Energy Efficient Communities Program has allowed them to install a 5.4 kw solar system.

Across Australia, the program has helped not-for-profit community groups have access grants of up to $12,500 for energy-saving projects.

Retirement village chairman Peter Maney said the village has long had the desire to install solar panels, but a number of failed grant applications meant they had to wait a little longer to complete the project.

"Solar is something that the village had been wanting for years - we applied for a couple of grants but we kept missing out," Mr Maney said.

"We then found the Federal Government grant, and saw that it was first in, best dressed - we still had up to date quotes, so we applied and got a response within 30 minutes."

A fantastic result for the retirement village, Mr Maney explained that he is "delighted" to see 21 solar panels installed across the village.

While a number of people have their solar panels facing north, the retirement village's panels will face east and west, allowing them to utilise power at their busiest time of the day.

"For us, 10am is where we need power the most - at that time of the day, we get people using kettles and other appliances to make breakfast," Mr Maney said.

Although the installation of a solar system has been a long time coming, Mr Maney is extremely thankful that the grant funding has allowed the village to save money and reduce emissions.

Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin, who recently visited the retirement village to see the newly installed system, said it was great to see that the system was going to ease the village's financial pressures.

"Energy bills are often one of the biggest overheads for organisations, and we want to help ease some of the financial pressures facing our local groups," Mr Pasin said.

The Energy Efficient Communities Program was announced as part of the Government's Climate Solutions Package in the 2019 Budget.

"The program is delivering grants to help businesses and community organisations to improve energy efficiency practices and technologies, and better manage energy consumption to reduce their power bills," Mr Pasin said.

In addition to grants for community organisations, the program will provide $10 million for dairy farming businesses, $9 million for small businesses and $15 million for high energy-using businesses.

Further information on the Energy Efficient Communities Program is available at: