How well do you really know South Australia?

QUIZ: Test your South Australian knowledge

So you're a proud South Aussie and think you know much about the history which surrounds this great state.

Well, why not test your knowledge and take part in Australia Community Media's 55-question quiz.

Answers are provided below, but no cheating.

Good luck.


  1. What date was South Australia first discovered?
  2. What is the name of South Australia's main source of freshwater?
  3. In 1836 who was appointed Surveyor-General of the new province and planned a city surrounded by parklands?
  4. Who was named South Australian of the Year for 2021?
  5. What vital piece of road network was opened to the public on March 7, 2020?
  6. Who is the current Lord Mayor of Adelaide?
  7. Wine growing regions of McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley were established in which year?
  8. The one and only Murray River Bunyip is located in which SA town?
  9. In the 1850s more than 5400 Germans settled in SA with the first Lutheran church opening where?
  10. Point McLeay was the birthplace of which preacher and first Aboriginal author who features on the $50 note?
  11. In which part of Adelaide would you find some sculptural pigs?
  12. In 1866 Mary Mackillop co-founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart in rural South Australia. Which year was she made a saint?
  13. Which seaside town is a major holiday destination and commercial fishing port of southern rock lobster?
  14. Women in SA were permitted to stand for political election and were given the same voting rights as men in which year?
  15. In 1842, Edward Burton Gleeson named which town after his ancestral county home in Ireland?
  16. In 1906 SA's first uranium mine was opened where?
  17. What is the name of the historic transport line which runs between Quorn and Port Augusta?
  18. The South Australian Film Corporation was established by the SA Government 1972 under which Premier?
  19. Which police inspector instructed to create Bordertown as close to the border as possible?
  20. Who became the first Aboriginal governor of an Australian state in 1976?
  21. What was the name of the bank which had to be rescued by taxpayers after it collapsed in 1991?
  22. What are the names of the two lakes located near the Coorong?
  23. Which SA town is the home to the Nyrstar lead smelter?
  24. What is the name of the annual historic vehicle run held around September each year?
  25. Copper was found on which SA peninsula?
  26. How many shipwrecks have been recorded around Kangaroo Island?
  27. Since its beginnings as Hummock Hill, which town served as a port for the shipment of iron ore?
  28. In 1857, Rev Julian Tenison-Woods stumbled upon a cave with thousands of fossils and brilliant crystal columns located near which SA town?
  29. In 1802 Captain Matthew Flinders and Captain Nicholas Baudin met at which bay near Granite Island?
  30. Which Balfours cake is synonymous with South Australia?
  31. In which year did the Adelaide Football Club play its first AFL season?
  32. Which town is home to the Arid Lands Botanic Garden?
  33. What is the name of the largest mountain range in South Australia?
  34. Located on the Eyre Peninsula this regional city is home to a famous shark diving business?
  35. Why is South Australia's NBL side known as the Adelaide 36ers?
  36. For years locals called the township Murat Bay, but in 1915 it was given a new name. Which town is it?
  37. Lake Eyre can cover 9500km2 when filled as it is Australia's lowest natural point. How far below sea level is it?
  38. In which year did the Port Adelaide Football Club win its first AFL premiership?
  39. Where is the South Australian Whale Centre situated?
  40. When was the last time SA won the Sheffield Shield/Pura Cup?
  41. Who is South Australia's current Premier?
  42. In which town is the Big Galah situated?
  43. Name the town which is situated near the magnificent Blue Lake?
  44. Where did the Australian-British nuclear weapons testing take place in the 1950s and 1960s?
  45. Which town has hosted a biennial field day since 1973 on the Eyre Peninsula?
  46. What is the name of the award given to the SANFL's best and fairest player each year?
  47. What is the name of the ubiquitous electricity poles which are unique to SA?
  48. One of the largest open range zoos in the world is located in which town?
  49. A bridge connects which town to Hindmarsh Island?
  50. Wilpena Pound, Mt Remarkable and Warren Gorge are located in which natural formation?
  51. First held in 1999, what is the name of the biggest cycling race in the southern hemisphere?
  52. An 18-metre rocking horse calls which Adelaide Hills town home?
  53. Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch are located in which part of SA?
  54. What is the biggest desert located in South Australia?
  55. The salt flats of which lake is commonly used for land speed record attempts?


  1. December 28, 1836
  2. Murray River
  3. Colonel William Light
  4. Tanya Hosch
  5. Northern Expressway Connector
  6. Sandy Verschoor
  7. 1840
  8. Murray Bridge
  9. Hahndorf
  10. David Unaipon
  11. Rundle Mall
  12. 2010
  13. Robe
  14. 1894
  15. Clare
  16. Radium Hill
  17. Pichi Richi Railway
  18. Don Dunstan
  19. Alexander Tolmer
  20. Sir Douglas Nicholls
  21. State Bank of South Australia
  22. Lakes Albert and Alexandrina
  23. Port Pirie
  24. Bay to Birdwood
  25. Yorke Peninsula
  26. More than 50
  27. Whyalla
  28. Naracoorte
  29. Encounter Bay
  30. Frog cakes
  31. 1991
  32. Port Augusta
  33. Flinders Ranges
  34. Port Lincoln
  35. SA was proclaimed in 1836
  36. Ceduna
  37. 15 metres
  38. 2004
  39. Victor Harbor
  40. 1995-96
  41. Stephen Marshall
  42. Kimba
  43. Mount Gambier
  44. Maralinga
  45. Cleve
  46. Magarey Medal
  47. Stobie Poles
  48. Monarto
  49. Goolwa
  50. Flinders Ranges
  51. Tour Down Under
  52. Gumeracha
  53. Kangaroo Island
  54. Great Victoria Desert
  55. Lake Gairdner
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