Noble Patchwork Studio to officially open new studio space

OPENING: Bordertown's Noble Patchwork Studio will officially open its new and improved studio space on Saturday.
OPENING: Bordertown's Noble Patchwork Studio will officially open its new and improved studio space on Saturday.

Bordertown's Noble Patchwork Studio is set to enter an exciting new era once it officially reveals its new-and-improved studio space on Saturday.

The decision to ultimately double the studio's indoor space was only made recently, with owner Donna Borrillo stating the redevelopment has roughly taken place over the last four weeks.

"My husband is a builder, but I couldn't get a hold of a builder, so he got a friend to sub-contract," Mrs Borrillo said.

"He's basically pulled one of the walls out - I wanted to keep one of the walls so I could put an inspirational quote on it, and keep a lounge area."

The business, located on Crocker Street, has been around for eight years, and for anyone who has entered the store, they would be well-aware of the many beautiful colours located throughout.

Mrs Borrillo said her passion to be creative and help others is still as prominent today as it once was when she originally started up the studio all those years ago.

"I have always been quite creative - I am a bit outside the box," Mrs Borrillo said

"I love colour and I love teaching the old ladies - they come in and they go 'I couldn't possibly do that', but I tell them they can do anything they put their mind to."

Msr Borrillo stated that while she does teach traditional patchwork, the students always want to be pushed to try something that is a little more difficult and experimental.

"The ladies have a go at most things, and they have attempted most things," Mrs Borrillo said.

With twice the amount of room, Mrs Borrillo stated she now has the ability to hang more art on the walls, as well as increase the number of work tables.

Like many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the number of people who have attended the studio.

Mrs Borrillo stated her loyal ladies from Kaniva are unable to attend due to border restrictions, but she hopes she'll receive an increase in students after the officially opening of the redeveloped studio.

With there being so many talented people throughout the Tatiara district, having places for people to express themselves is important.

For many years, Mr Borrillo has quietly gone about her business, providing creative locals with the chance to be creative, and most importantly, have fun.

It was a massive decision to redevelop the studio, but Noble Patchwork Studio's changes will benefit current and potentially new students for many years to come.

The official opening will take place from 9:30am to 2pm, with the cake cutting ceremony to be conducted by Tatiara District Council CEO Anne Champness at 10am.