Padthaway Estate, Farmer's Leap feature on The Cellar Door TV series

Padthaway residents watching Channel 44 Adelaide on June 25 might have seen a few familiar faces on their television screens.

The television series, The Cellar Door, filmed one of their latest episodes at Padthaway Estate and Farmer's Leap winery, giving residents a chance to hear from the people behind their great wine.

Farmer's Leap national sales manager Adam Jeffries said the opportunity to be on the community station came about after being contacted by the show's producers.

"The show has been around for four seasons and has done filming at Coonawarra before - they made contact with us and we were more than happy to accept," Mr Jeffries said.

The episode was filmed on January 20 this year.

Excited to see Padthaway's premier wine region broadcasted to a wide audience, Mr Jeffries said the best is yet to come from the winery.

"We are in a growth phase, it will take five or 10 years to get where we want to go, it's not just 12 months and see how we are going. We are really excited," Mr Jeffries said.

"2019 was a huge year for Farmer's Leap, we want from nobody knowing who we were, to probably 50-100 bottle shops in Adelaide now ranging our wines."

Mr Jeffries stated the growth of the business can only be aided by the extra exposure given by featuring on The Cellar Door.

Unfortunately, some Padthaway locals were unable to view the episode, as Channel 44 Adelaide and Channel 31 Melbourne can't be picked up by every television in the area.

Those who missed the television viewing experience were given the option to watch the entire episode on Youtube.

Mr Jeffries said the business has received a lot of positive comments and feedback from the episode since it was aired last fortnight.

After being slightly hamstrung by the COVID-19 pandemic, the winery is expected to nearly return to normal during the school holiday period.

"As of the school holidays we will be back to normal, but we will still need to follow social distancing restrictions," Mr Jeffries said.

He said the business would easily be able to cater for over 50 people, with people having to book places, instead of arriving unannounced.

With South Australia's restrictions easing further last Monday, people are now starting to travel throughout the state to discover the its hidden gems.

Mr Jeffries hopes that the recent publicity will encourage people from Adelaide and other towns to travel to Padthaway's and Coonawarra's beautiful wine regions.

"Potentially seeing people travelling from Adelaide to our region and Coonawarra would be great for us," Mr Jeffries said.