Community giving supports eight new charitable projects across the region

FUNDING: Stand Like Stone director Rhett McDonald (back, left), with former recipients of a Stand Like Stone small grant supported by the Penola Coonawarra Wellbeing Subfund.

FUNDING: Stand Like Stone director Rhett McDonald (back, left), with former recipients of a Stand Like Stone small grant supported by the Penola Coonawarra Wellbeing Subfund.

When most people think about philanthropy, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's only within the realm of the wealthy.

However, for the team at Stand Like Stone, they know that philanthropy is alive and well in the Limestone Coast, and they have recently provided funding to new projects throughout the South East.

Thanks to kindness and generosity from everyday philanthropists who've established sub-funds within the community foundation, eight new projects have been supported in the recent small grants round.

The projects that were supported are based in Bordertown, Kingston, Naracoorte/Lucindale, Mount Gambier and Penola.

For the Penola Coonawarra Wellbeing sub-fund, a grant was given to the Penola PA & H society to assist the show update its computer software.

Stand Like Stone director and Penola representative Rhett McDonald said the sub-fund was established to give grants to charitable projects that benefit the greater Penola Coonawarra region.

He also said that Stand Like Stone were "delighted" to be able to help provide the show society with funds to allow them to make important upgrades.

"The sub-fund itself is supported by a terrific team of local people who want to make a lasting impact for the benefit of the community," Mr McDonald said.

"We raise money to grow the fund each year, with the interest earned then granted out to local people and projects".

It's not just Penola who have benefited massively from the generous funding, Naracoorte and Lucindale's migrant community has also received a big boost.

The Naracoorte Lucindale Community Care Network received a grant for their "Building Blocks" project that supports the migrant community with their English skills.

The project was supported by the Naracoorte & Districts sub-fund, which gives to charitable projects benefiting the greater Naracoorte region.

In the Tatiara, there are two projects that have that have been backed by the Stand Like Stone Foundation, with both being based in Bordertown.

Funds have gone to the Bordertown & District Agriculture Museum's for their new mezzanine floor and display room, as well a sewing room project for the Tatiara Multicultural Group.

The Kingston Community School received a grant for its "Rethink Waste Project".

Grants were also made to a mural project at Mount Gambier High School from the Lorry Humphries sub-fund, established to support the arts and trades.

The school also received a grant for a Collaborative Learning Centre Community Engagement project, which was supported by the Focus on Youth sub-fund, for projects with educational outcomes focused on youth.

A grant was also given to support the Mount Gambier Community Christmas Day Lunch.

Mr McDonald said Stand Like Stone makes it easy for people to get involved in philanthropic giving, and urged residents to donate to a sub-fund that supports a cause they're passionate about.

"For the Penola Coonawarra sub-fund, we just want to contribute to a community that is really worth so much to us and others, which is something anyone can do," Mr McDonald said.