Cannawigara Road bike path nearing completion

Bordertown's newest bicycle path along Cannawigara Road is nearing completion, and it is set to become a frequently used asset for the town.

In April last year, Tatiara District Council conducted an online survey to see whether the community was in favour of the project, with a resounding 84 per cent voting for an off-road bicycle track.

With there being a strong desire to undertake the project, council allocated $120,000 in the 2019/20 budget to construct the path, which will be based between Ramsay Terrace and Meatworks Road.

Director of infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier said council received $50,000 from the State Bicycle Fund, lowering the overall cost of the project.

Just over 12 months on from the initial online survey, the project is in its final stages, with only a few minor touches needed to complete the exciting project.

"Some signage just needs to go up and the holding bars for the bikes - they are expected to be up very shortly," Mr Hillier said.

Bordertown residents have been eager to use the new path, with many people trying out the path for the very first time.

Mr Hillier said the initial feedback that council has received from residents has been positive.

"The feedback that we've got has all been really positive - often you don't get much feedback, so to get the amount that we got is even better," Mr Hillier said.

There are already plans for future additions to the path, with council planning to link the path back to Park Terrace in next year's budget.

Mr Hillier stated with the near completion of the new path, they have nearly completed all of the projects in their Strategic Bike Plan.

"We've pretty much completed all the works identified within our Strategic Bike Plan, so we are looking at renewing and updating that," Mr Hillier said.

"That will give us opportunities to apply for funding down the track."

He stated that the bike plan covers all of the towns in the Tatiara, with a number of residents expressing interest in projects for their town.

With the popularity of new bike paths, it is expected that more paths will be considered throughout the Tatiara in the future.