Everyone's a winner with Pennytel

Everyone's a winner with Pennytel

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While the isolation due to social distancing that we have been practising over the last couple of months has been difficult, imagine how much harder it would have been prior to the technological revolution of the internet?

The internet has only really been mainstream in western households since the early 2000's, so if social isolation had of taken place back then, we would certainly have felt greater loneliness.

For many of us who have barely left home in the last six or eight weeks, we are fortunate to have technology embedded in our lives to keep us connected to friends, families and workmates.

Social distancing rules may appear to be easing, but they will be a big part of our lives for some time and will continue to change and dictate the new world order.

The recent past has been a steep learning curve, as we sought to take up and learn to use various apps to maintain connection to the outside world and loved ones.

Apps such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Netflix Party are now part of our household conversations. These apps have suddenly become very familiar as we strive to reach out to our communities and stay a part of each other's lives.

Apps are now of paramount importance as they represent one of our few ways of socialising so there has never been a better time to get yourself the best mobile phone plan you can.

More than ever it counts that we have a plan and provider that gives great coverage as well as reliable, accessible customer service for when we need that little bit of extra assistance.

Coverage and great customer service are the foundations on which telco Pennytel has built its business.

In a recent ProductReview.com.au post, customer Allen Kidd from mid north coast of NSW says Pennytel is reliable and 'the perfect fit' for him.

"No drop-outs. Bills are manageable and value for money. Time taken to sign-up was minimal and the staff member who assisted my transfer of provider was extremely helpful and knowledgeable," Mr Kidd said.

In fact, Pennytel customers are so happy with the service that many report recommending the telco to friends and family - a very big call out indeed.

Pennytel customers can also do themselves a good deed while helping others with the company's refer a friend program which, for a limited time, will see the re-introduction of double referral credits. That's a $20 credit for every successful referral.

If you're not already a customer, there's no better time than now to sign-up. Once signed-up you can refer all your friends and family and start reaping the benefits.

From the comfort of your own home, why not check out Pennytel's great valued plans. When you find a telco that's amazing and provides you with so much, you know you've found a keeper!

To find out what Pennytel has to offer you call 1300 262 146 or go to Pennytel.com.au

This is advertiser content for Pennytel.

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