Art gallery closes, but creative flair set to continue from Tatiara homes

CHALLENGE: Bored? Why not take part in the 'Photo A Day' and 'Drawing A Day' challenges?
CHALLENGE: Bored? Why not take part in the 'Photo A Day' and 'Drawing A Day' challenges?

Bordertown's Walkway Gallery is urging residents to take part in two art-based challenges that can be completed from the comfort of their homes.

The 'Photo A Day' and 'Drawing A Day' challenges have attracted millions of people to showcase their photography and drawing skills and share it online.

The photo-based challenge has seen 25 million photos shared online so far, with the gallery stating residents don't need to be a professional, they just need to have fun.

"It's our turn to join the movement, and hopefully together we can bring a bit of joy to our beautiful community (both on and offline)," the gallery stated.

"The concept is pretty simple. Each month a new photo a day is revealed with daily prompts to inspire you take a photo each day.

"They could be words like yellow, or open, or big, or light, or food, or really anything that will get you to start thinking creatively. Each day you simply use the prompt as inspiration and take a photo."

With the challenge set to open up endless photo ideas, residents can share their masterpieces on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #FMSPAD and #WGPAD in the caption so they can be found.

The gallery said the photo challenge only has one prompt, gratitude.

"Find something in each day to be grateful for. It can be as simple as fresh air, blue skies, food on your plate, the people in your life, the Tatiara landscape, or even toilet paper," the gallery stated.

"Whatever it is, take a photo and share it with the world."

For the drawing challenge, residents are being asked to spend at least 10 minutes drawing each day and share their finished product with the Walkway Gallery.

"If you are sharing on social media you can hashtag #WGDAD or tag the gallery on Facebook or Instagram @walkwaygallery," the gallery said.

"If you aren't on social media, you can email a pic to and with your permission we will share for you."

Despite their being varying levels of artists around the Tatiara, residents are being urged to give it a go, and hopefully it can bring some joy to the community during what is a tough period for many.