Not so innocent weed starting to rear its ugly head in the South East

Natural Resources South East has urged residents to be wary of a pesky weeds that are starting to pop-up around the district.

Cenchrus longispinus and Cenchrus incertus, also known as spiny burr grass or gentle Annie, is starting to rear its ugly head due to ideal weather conditions.

Natural Resources South East stated warm weather and recent rainfall has brought the innocent weed to life in recent weeks.

They also mentioned that, contrary to its name, the declared weed is guilty of causing some significant damage.

The weed have the ability to contaminate hay, injure stock feeding on grass, as well as decrease quality of wool.

While there is no need to panic, the agency suggested that the best way to beat the weed is to get on top of it early.

"It's most effective to treat innocent weed while it's actively growing - now," Natural Resources South East stated.

While many residents will be familiar with the weed, those who are unaware of its characteristics can identify the weed by its spiny, sticky burrs.

"The innocent weed has spiny, sticky burrs, and each plant can produce 1000 seeds which can remain dormant for years," Natural Resources South East stated.

"Each plant also has one burr on the root system so when removing by hand, make sure to remove the whole plant, roots and all."

For advice and other control options, residents are encouraged to contact their local NRM officer at: