Don Moseley Park disability swing installation underway

The Apex Club of Keith have worked incredibly hard to install a 'Liberty Swing' at Don Moseley Park.

Despite the wait, the project is finally gaining some momentum, with the disability swing set to be installed in the near future.

A 'Liberty Swing' is a special piece of play equipment that allows people in wheelchairs the opportunity to experience the joy of having a swing in their chosen park.

Earlier this year, Apex Club of Keith member Sam Densley said the club raised just over $20,000 to purchase the swing, but they encountered one small obstacle.

He mentioned they required just over $9,400 to purchase the compulsory rubber matting for the swing to become operational. The rubber matting has to be applied by a specialist.

Being such a large cost, the club was put into a position where they needed to raise the funds, and without the rubber matting the project couldn't be completed.

Receiving $7000 from Tatiara District Council's Community Grants Program played a significant role in overcoming the matting obstacle.

They also received financial assistance from the Stand Like Stone Foundation, which has given the club the opportunity to complete their long-awaited project.

Eager to see the project finally come to fruition, numerous community groups believe the swing will be a welcome addition to the town.

Mr Densley said the installation of the swing will make Don Moseley Park more inclusive, ultimately providing "something for everyone".

When the project is finally completed, it will be the first of its kind in the Tatiara, with the nearest disability swing being located at Robe.

"I have a nephew that has cerebral palsy, and in the community of sufferers with cerebral palsy, they actually make plans around communities that do have the ability to provide play equipment," Mr Densley said.

"If you have that sort of facility, it gets through to the broader community of those that have that requirement."

No time frame has been given on when the project will be completed.