Residents told to look out for Caltrop after recent rains

South East residents have been urged to look out for a pesky weed that has thrived from recent weather conditions.

Natural Resources South East said the recent rains have been good for gardens right across the region, but also good for pest plants like Caltrop.

"A declared weed in our region, Caltrop (Tribulus terrestris) is a sprawling, summer-growing pest that features spikey burrs that are nasty to step on," they said.

A well-known pest, they said residents need to be vigilant of the weed as it can be easily spread.

"Caltrop is very easily spread, as its burrs attach to the soles of shoes, clothing, tyres, and anything it can get its spikes into," they said.

"Seeds also remain viable under soil for years, so when removing Caltrop try and collect any burrs as well. Physical removal is best, but herbicide can also be used before seed sets."

Residents who locate the weed in their backyard and are unsure how to effectively remove the pest should reach out to their local NRM officers.

"Keep an eye out, and let our NRM Officers know if you need advice on how to remove or control it. Contact details can be found on our website," they said.

To get into contact with NRM officers, click here