EPA take management of illegal waste dump site

MEETING: A community briefing will be held at the Kaniva Shire Hall this evening.
MEETING: A community briefing will be held at the Kaniva Shire Hall this evening.

The Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has taken new action over the illegal waste dump site 15km south of Kaniva near Lemon Springs.

The EPA has exercised its powers to secure and monitor the property, as well as plan for the ongoing safety of the site and understand the requirements for the eventual clean-up.

In August this year, the EPA issued the owner of the site, Graham White, with a clean up notice requiring he secure the site, install signage and not attempt to excavate any of the dump sites on the property.

The notice also orders the carrying out of an environmental site assessment, supervised by the EPA.

Having not seen compliance with early requirements of the CUN to the EPA's satisfaction, they made the decision to issue Mr White a cause notice.

The EPA issued the cause notice in November, which asked Mr White why it should not use its regulatory powers to step in to take over management and clean-up of the site's environmental issues.

The property owner failed to show cause, and on Tuesday morning the EPA exercised its powers under the Environment Protection Act 1970 (EP Act) to take management of the premises.

"This is an important step forward in the process of ensuring the ongoing safety of this property and its rehabilitation," EPA North West regional manager Dr Scott Pigdon said.

With a number of residents interested in knowing what is taking place at the site, the EPA will hold a community briefing this evening.

"We will be able to give the Kaniva community a full briefing on this at the meeting being held Wednesday evening (today) in the Kaniva Shire Hall," Dr Pigdon said.

He reiterated that risk on the site will be minimised and that the EPA will only excavate when conditions are appropriate.