Kaniva mums rallying support for new playground equipment

PARK: A group of mums are raising money to reinstall playground equipment at Kaniva's Rogerson Street Park.
PARK: A group of mums are raising money to reinstall playground equipment at Kaniva's Rogerson Street Park.

Small communities have a unique ability of rallying together to help support a worthy cause, and for Kaniva it is no different.

A small group of passionate mothers and members of the Kaniva community have come together to raise much needed funds to go towards rebuilding the town's Rogerson Street Park playground.

Robyn Staehr created a GoFundMe fundraiser, along with help from team members Annie Austin, Amy Heinjus and Michelle Grant, to raise $5000 to go towards the cause that will benefit kids of all ages.

The disappearance of playground equipment at Rogerson Street Park has left residents living on the north side of the town's railway line without an opportunity to entertain countless young families.

"There is currently no playground equipment or sporting grounds for young families to walk to and enjoy," Mrs Staehr said on the GoFundMe page.

"Over the past 30 years or so a slide, see-saw, old wagon, bridge, hill and swing have all been taken away due to safety reasons, however nothing has been replaced."

The passionate group, along with countless other hard-working community members, have already made massive strides in restoring the park to its former glory, with the West Wimmera Shire committing money in its budget.

"With the support of the local community through letters, children's drawings, phone calls and meetings our local shire have allowed $10,000 in their budget to go towards this revamp," Mrs Staehr said.

Although the money committed to the project will go a long way towards installing new equipment, more funds are needed to cover other important costs.

"As you can imagine unfortunately this ($10,000) does not allow for much change due to the cost of the labour, soft-fall, landscaping and freight," Mrs Staehr said.

The group hopes the creation of the fundraising page will help raise additional funds to "optimise" the park space and turn it into community asset.

"We are hoping this page and other donations will help raise more money to optimise this area for our children's future and a special active meeting place for children of all ages, parents, grandparents and friends," Mrs Staehr said.

She also mentioned the potentially revitalised park would help promote health, positive well-being and exercise in today's technology focused world.

The group appreciates all donations that have already been made and thanks everyone for their continued support. As of November 5, the fundraiser has raised $400.

Mrs Staehr said the GoFundMe page will only be open for community donations for two weeks.