South East locals urged to look out for pesky weed

Natural Resources South East (NRSE) are urging residents to keep and eye out for Boneseed which is starting to bloom during the spring season.

Boneseed might on first glance look particularly pretty, but it can be devastating to native vegetation in the area.

NRSE said the weed is easy to spot due to its beautifully coloured flowers, but warned residents not to be fooled.

"With easy to spot bright yellow flowers, Boneseed is a declared weed which can significantly out-compete our native flora for space, light, water and nutrients," NRSE said.

They also mentioned that each plant can also produce 30,000 viable seeds each summer.

Residents are urged to remove the pesky weed whenever they come across it, however, there is a high likelihood the weed will return due to its seedbanks.

"Boneseed has a short root system, so it can be easily hand pulled from the ground, but because of large and persistent seedbanks in the soil, follow-up treatment is crucial," NRSE said.

The weed is spread by seed only. Germination is promoted by fire, soil disturbance, weathering and ingestion of seeds by animals.

Most seed is dispersed by animals such as foxes and birds or through water. Seeds may also be spread in soil stuck to vehicles and equipment.

You can find other control options on the free SA Weed Control app, or chat to your local NRM officer.