Tatiara swimming pool fees increase for 2019/20

TINY INCREASE: Tatiara residents will have to pay a small increase on last year's swimming pool fees.
TINY INCREASE: Tatiara residents will have to pay a small increase on last year's swimming pool fees.

Tatiara residents will have to pay slightly more to beat the heat at Bordertown Memorial Swimming Pool and Keith Swimming Pool over the next 12 months.

Tatiara District Council has released the swimming pool fees for 2019/20, with all bar two ticket categories increasing when compared to last year's prices.

The increase follows a four season pattern where the pricing has climbed slightly.

A single, family (2-4 people) and family (5+) will have to pay five dollars extra for a season ticket, compared to last season.

Adult and 'Vac Swim' admission fees will increase slightly by 50 cents per person, whilst child/student prices will remain the same.

Family day passes (four people) and Family day passes (six people) will increase by one dollar, compared to last year.

Lastly, toddler/preschool admission fees will increase by 50 cents and spectator fees will remain the same.

Director of development and environmental services Rocky Callisto said when considering fee structures for aquatic facilities it's worth keeping in mind fees will never be cost neutral.

"A slight increase is justified as chemical, maintenance and running costs are continually increasing," Mr Callisto said.

"Fees and charges are reviewed annually. It could be argued that fees should always remain stagnant but small increases are certainly better than spikes."

Mr Callisto said council will once again administer the 'Vac Swim' and 'Migrant Swim Program', in addition to the swim school.

"These programs continue to expand and it envisaged this season will be no exception," Mr Callisto said.

Council has also received $6,000 in funding from the 'Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program' for this season.

"This program will expand on the migrant grant as it will also include people from a lower socioeconomic background," Mr Callisto said.

"Laura Nash will be tasked with coordinating these programs as part of her role as the Bordertown Memorial Swimming Pool manager."

Laura will be also managing the Keith Swimming Pool, taking over from Leanne Gill who did not wish to continue as the manager.

Before enforcing the recent swimming pool fees for 2019/20, the Tatiara District Memorial Pool Management Committee was consulted and fully endorsed the proposed fees.

Full seasonal fee chart below: