Parking space changes proposed near Keith child care

Tatiara District Council has received plans for potential parking changes near the Keith War Memorial Community Kindergarten and Childcare Centre.

Fresh from the centre's expression of concern over the safety of its children due to speeding cars, the proposed changes are expected to provide a wide range of safety benefits.

Council's director of infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier recently consulted with the child care centre to listen to concerns and potential solutions.

The centre's governing council voiced concerns regarding the limited number of short term car parks within close proximity of the centre.

Mr Hillier said the staff have been investigating and monitoring the use of the car park at peak periods to ascertain the need to increase parking spaces.

"Early data indicates that the existing short term parking is too narrow and is not utilised fully," Mr Hillier said.

Based on the data, the current parking area has been redesigned to accommodate a disabled car park, widen the short term parking bays and add an additional three parking bays.

Mr Hillier said the centre is facing a problem when it comes to people using the narrow parking lanes, stating users are worried to park next to each other.

"Initially it was said that there wasn't enough parking, however, we did go and take some observations and part of the issue was that people are not comfortable parking between cars," Mr Hillier said.

"There were three car parks there that weren't used at all, whereas the other car parks were."

Mr Hillier mentioned widening the current car parks will benefit users and provide an added safety aspect to nearby cars.

"The theory behind this is that we'll widen the car parks in front of the kindergarten and that will allow for people to park more easily and get children out without damaging any cars," Mr Hillier said.

Although the parking changes will provide users with some relief, there is still some concern over drivers not going the signed 25km/h when children are present.

Mr Hillier suggested extra signage could be installed well before the child care centre to remind drivers of the speed limit.

He stated the average speed by drivers on Anzac Terrace was around 42km/h, well above the signed limit.

Keith War Memorial Community Kindergarten and Childcare Centre governing council chair Kellie Jordan said some drivers may be unaware of the child care centre having children "coming and going" right throughout the day, unlike the set times imposed at Keith Area School.

During the most recent council meeting, Ms Jordan said the proposed parking changes will provide some benefit, but she doesn't believe it will cover all of the child care centre's safety concerns.

"We're happy with Aaron's recommendations, but we don't feel as though this is going to resolve all of the safety issues - I don't feel like it is enough," Ms Jordan said.

Council will proceed with the proposed parking changes, but will monitor the situation to see whether a safety audit needs to be done to assess further safety changes.