Rowney Road 50km/h zone to be extended

CHANGES: A speed limit change is on the cards near Mundulla's Nalang Creek crossing.
CHANGES: A speed limit change is on the cards near Mundulla's Nalang Creek crossing.

A number of Mundulla residents have made their voice heard, stating the speed limit near Rowney Road's Nalang Creek crossing should be reviewed.

The Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) recently replaced the old bridge barrier at the Nalang Creek crossing as part of the Federal Government funded Black Spot Program last financial year.

Tatiara District Council received a number of complaints from concerned residents regarding the safety of children travelling on bicycles being unable to get off the roadway due to the positioning of the new guardrail.

Director of infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier said: "As a result of the complaints, DPTI was contacted to provide details and comment regarding the design considerations of the guardrail."

Mr Hillier said the response from DPTI states the stretch of road currently meets all relevant standards.

"The response provides clarification that all relevant standards were met and consideration of all road users was taken into account along with the need for motorists to comply to the Australian Road Rules," Mr Hillier said.

The bridge is currently located within the 80km/h speed zone with the 50km/h zone commencing approximately 50 metres to the west of the bridge.

With the safety of cyclists being the main concern, a change in speed limit may reduce the chance of an accident.

"Safety of cyclists and motorists on the bridge could be improved by extending the 50km/h speed zone to the eastern side of the bridge," Mr Hillier said.

DPTI are responsible for setting all speed limits within South Australia, however, council does have the option of requesting a speed limit review.

During a recent council meeting, the topic brought forward a number of suggestions to improve the segment of road.

Combined with the proposed speed limit change, a number of councillors suggested potential signage could potentially warn drivers of cyclists on the road.

Cr Robert Mock said the council should consider installing a footbridge next to the crossing in the future, which cyclists could use and avoid having to ride on the road.

He also mentioned if the footbridge was constructed, it could potentially be incorporated into the Bordertown to Mundulla track and provide a link between the towns.

Due to Rowney Road being maintained by DPTI, there would be no cost to the council to modify the signage if the speed limit zones were modified.

The topic went to a vote and majority of councillors voted in favour of changing the speed limit near Mundulla's Nalang Creek crossing.