Keith Area School students to receive drug and alcohol education

LEARNING ABOUT DANGERS: Keith Area School students will learn important information about drugs and alcohol.
LEARNING ABOUT DANGERS: Keith Area School students will learn important information about drugs and alcohol.

Keith Area School students will take part in an 'Encounter Youth' student presentation on August 27, which will provide them with important information about drugs and alcohol.

'Encounter Youth' is the largest provider of alcohol and other drugeducation to South Australian secondary school students and their program is available across Australia.

Wellbeing coordinator Kristy Clark said the volunteer group takes a positive approach in their alcohol & other drug school program.

"Their educational school program is highly interactive, providing structured activities where students are encouraged to express their questions, thoughts and opinions," Mrs Clark said.

This allows the presenters to provide students with credible and practical information around alcohol and other drugs during each education seminar.

Each year group will be introduced to topics which cater specifically to what students would be experiencing during that period in their life.

Year 9 students will undertake the 'Know Your Limits' presentation which focuses on shaping identity, positive and negative risk taking and strategies to deal with risky situations.

"In a time when developing an identity is everything, we encourage young people to be part of the majority who make positive choices when socialising and celebrating," Encounter Youth said.

Year 10-11 students will take part in the "Who's Calling the Shots" presentation which focuses on brain development, trends in illicit drug use and realities of alcohol use.

"The stats, the facts, the risks. The seminar provides the opportunity for young people to consider their own beliefs around drinking and compare these to young people Australia-wide," Encounter Youth said.

Finally, Year 12 students will be taught how to stay safe at Schoolies Festival, an event which many school leavers use to let their hair down.

Encounter Youth will oversee Australia's safest school leavers' celebration, and will discuss key warning signs of intoxication, practical party safety tips for celebrating and debunking alcohol and other drug myths.

At 6:30pm, on the same day, they will be hosting a parent/caregiver session.

Parents, grandparents and guardians will learn about evidence-based strategies for talking to their young person about alcohol, protecting their home during a party, legal considerations and being a positive influence.

Information about the event can be found on their website: