Keith Theatre Group is searching for acting talent

Keith Theatre Group are calling out to aspiring actors or locals who are keen to be involved in their upcoming production 'Remember my Name'.

The casting night will be held on July 16 at the Keith Institute, and organisers have said "absolutely no experience is necessary. All you need is a sense of humour and team spirit."

The story is based around fading stars Sophie Sparkle and Charlie Charisma, who are desperate to resurrect their dwindling television careers.

Considered 'has beens' and 'out of touch', their producer decides to take them to the little-known South Australian township of Keith.

In a bid to win over the hearts of locals, they create a 'Find A Superstar' talent competition.

What happens next is a riotous series of events, where egos and misguided talent collide.

Audience members will be left thinking whether it will be enough to save the show and the careers of the show's heroes.

In keeping with Keith Theatre Group's successful run of community comedies, organisers warmly invite anyone who would love to be a part of this year's production.