Keith Railway Yard transformation faces slight delay

Tatiara District Council's plans to beautify the Keith Railway Yard area has hit a slight speed bump, with the project being delayed momentarily.

At a community consultation event held at the Keith Institute on May 30, a question was asked regarding how much was spent on the preliminaries for the land.

Tatiara District Council's director infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier said, as of May 30, $5,000 had been spent on the project.

Mr Hillier also mentioned there have been a number of issues which have delayed the project momentarily.

"Some of the issues that we are facing include, access to the land and the requirement of an environmental audit if the land was to be used as a 'rest stop' for motorists," Mr Hillier said.

Mr Hillier said undertaking an environmental audit will potentially be a costly procedure, but is something that needs to be done to allow the project to progress.

"An environmental audit may cost in the vicinity of $20,000," Mr Hillier said.

The council initially estimated that the overall cost of the project would cost around $108,000.

The project will see landscaping and beautification of the railway yard reserve and the creation of additional parking for RVs in the vicinity of the CBD of Keith.

Council have discussed the transformation for quite some time, describing the Keith Railway Yard area as one of the town's biggest "eye sores".

"The Keith community has been passionate about beautifying the town's railway yards for a long time," CEO Anne Champness said.

"The project will see the railway yards landscaped and parallel parking improvements adjacent to Don Moseley Park."

The proposed parallel parking improvements will potentially allow and encourage larger RV vehicles to stop in Keith. Council suggests that the project could help improve tourism in the town.

"It will improve the area's amenity for locals and visitors alike and encourage travellers to stop in Keith, adding to the local economy," CEO Ms Champness said.