Bordertown's Pedal Prix teams perform strongly

PROUD: Border Express (red) and Border Beast (black) did Bordertown proud during the Pedal Prix challenge race at Adelaide's Victoria Park racecourse.
PROUD: Border Express (red) and Border Beast (black) did Bordertown proud during the Pedal Prix challenge race at Adelaide's Victoria Park racecourse.

Bordertown school students had a need for speed during the latest Pedal Prix challenge at Adelaide's Victoria Park racecourse.

A number of Bordertown school students have worked incredibly hard to produce two quality Pedal Prix teams, Border Beast (Primary School Team) and Border Express (High School Team).

Pedal Prix High School representative Lauren Kirk said the students did it the hard way, with a number of "obstacles" needing to be overcome during the challenge.

"The event saw some brave young people overcome a number of different obstacles to step up to the challenge," Mrs Kirk said.

"All members, including our brand new riders, had a fighting spirit ready to tackle the 1.2km track and 6-hour battle that awaited them."

Unlike many of the other locally based competitors, the students made some sacrifices to get the best results possible for their teams.

"Most families had sacrificed the expense of staying in Adelaide on the Friday night, so that the team members were ready to ride and prepare for the race at 7am on the Saturday," Mrs Kirk said.

The dedication reflected in a strong showing from both teams, with Border Beast finishing in third place in C4 category.

The team consisting of Indy Holloway, Dylan Couzner, Bertie Noonan, Sky Janson, Andy Finch, Mason Hancock, Danielle Ritchie and Archie Colwill (absent) rode a total of 99.4km, reaching a top speed of 28.15 km/h.

Although Border Express didn't finish in the top three in their category, the students still produced an outstanding effort.

The team consisting of Toby Brown, Lachlan Schapel, Noah Murphy-Nankivell, Kyle Baxter, Jass Finch, Allie Gurney and Tyson Ritchie rode a total of 126.4km and reached a top speed of 39.94 km/h.

Mrs Kirk praised the students' ability to support their team members throughout the physically tough race.

"I watched a variety of different personalities encourage and support their team members throughout the entire race," Mrs Kirk said.

"Each member contributed not only in riding the quickest and furthest they could, but challenged themselves to beat their own personal best each time they hopped in the car.

"I take my hat off to all Pedal Prix riders as they face a competition against much fitter, older and more experienced riders, as well as teams with high tech cars with all the bells and whistles."

Mrs Kirk also mentioned the teams wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for their dedicated team managers.

"Our community Pedal Prix team would not exist without our dedicated team managers Nat Leopold-Brown and Keith Zilm and the other committee members, especially those involved in catering," Mrs Kirk said.

"To the parents and family members involved, your passion and support for your team members does not go unnoticed. It was a fantastic atmosphere as everyone pitched in with catering, timing and pit crew."