Record breaking lamb sale achieved by James family

The James family recorded the highest lamb prices in the state at the Naracoorte Regional Livestock Exchange (NRLE) on Tuesday June 11, selling their year old first-cross wether lambs at $337 an animal through Elders.

Richard James, the manager of the NRLE, stated that the James family from Coolawang Border Leicester stud have topped prices for the November cross-bred ewes for the past three years.

"Trevor and Judy (James) do a magnificent job on their first-cross ewes and lambs," Mr James said.

"They must be fed bean stubble, that's usually where you get your heavier weighted lambs.

"They've certainly put the Naracoorte saleyards on the map."

The lambs were hefty, averaging 92kg, and for fifth-generation sheep farmer Trevor James, it's all about 'breed then feed'.

"If you breed with good sheep, then you're naturally going to get a good quality line. Once you get the genetics right, then you start with the diet."

Due to a dry start to the year the lambs were finished off with a grain diet before they went to the market, and they were kept in clean, seed-free paddocks.

Trevor and his wife Judy first started the Coolawang stud in 1980, and they first started breeding first-cross sheep in 1977. Their operations are mainly commercial, focusing on Border Leicester rams and first cross ewes.

Their son Lachlan took the lambs to the NRLE the day they broke the record, which had previously been held by the Dublin saleyards.

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