Upgrades suggested for Bordertown Memorial Pool

UPGRADES: Tatiara District Council received a report which suggests upgrades are need to the 60+ year old Bordertown Memorial Pool
UPGRADES: Tatiara District Council received a report which suggests upgrades are need to the 60+ year old Bordertown Memorial Pool

Tatiara District Council has received a condition assessment report for Bordertown Memorial Pool.

The report, conducted late last year, was provided to the Council in May and provides numerous recommendations and considerations.

Tatiara District Council's director of development and environmental services Rocky Callisto said the pool, which is around 60 years old, will require some replacements.

"With a majority of facilities of substantial age, there is both planned and reactive maintenance but at some point in the life cycle certain components require to be replaced," Mr Callisto said.

Even though the pool was built around 60 years ago the condition assessment report suggests that it's still in reasonable condition.

Mr Callisto said many of the operational issues that have been highlighted in the report have been or are in the process of being addressed, but the other issues that have been identified will require substantial funds in the longer term.

The report found there is a major leak in the pool system which is draining into the area around the pool.

"This is a concern, but it also should be acknowledged that the facility is probably 75 per cent through its life cycle, therefore there are going to be some major considerations and strategic decisions that need to be made in the near future," Mr Callisto said.

The report also recommended that before expending large sums of money on the facility, testing of the pool structure and filtration system should be undertaken to ascertain their remaining life.

Mr Callisto said significant forward planning was needed for any asset, with the pool being no exception.

"There is no urgency to undertake any of the major identified work as the pool and associated facilities will still function," Mr Callisto said.

"However, what does need to be undertaken is an analysis of the concrete and a condition assessment of the pipework and other key components."

The concrete testing is done by taking 50mm core samples of the floor and walls at various locations and having a chemical analysis which will determine the residual life of the structure. Leak detection and pipework will also be conducted during this time.

Mr Callisto said before making any decision on the future of the pool the Council needs to have reliable and objective knowledge of the physical state of the asset.

"This can only be achieved by undertaking some thorough investigations with the results forming the basis of a master plan. This plan will include projected expenditure which will be beneficial when sourcing external funding," Mr Callisto said.

The Council will authorise staff to proceed with the investigations as identified in the report, prior to starting any master plan.