Request to gazette Bordertown's Meatworks Road

PLANS: Tatiara District Council have received a request to gazette Bordertown's Meatworks Road.
PLANS: Tatiara District Council have received a request to gazette Bordertown's Meatworks Road.

Tatiara District Council has received a request from Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure's road manager to gazette Meatworks Road.

The request would provide access on Naracoorte Road and Meatworks Road for heavy vehicle combinations. This includes PBS Level 3A, 36.5m Road Train and 35m BTriple combinations.

The council's director infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier said to connect the Riddoch and Dukes Highways via Meatworks Road, DPTI would need the council's consent.

"Meatworks Road is under council's care, control and management, so the council's consent as road manager under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) is required to complete the request," Mr Hillier said.

The road is currently published to heavy vehicle networks for 23m low loader and 26m B-Double combinations.

It is also categorised as a 'Regionally Significant Freight Route' and is a bypass route for heavy vehicles to avoid the township of Bordertown.

Mr Hillier said council staff have completed an assessment of Meatworks Roads in accordance with the relevant standards. The assessment found Meatworks Road exceeds the minimum standards.

Permits have also been issued for 36.5m road trains to access JBS Australia's Meatworks from the Dukes Highway.

According to HVNL, the council's road manager can decide not to give consent to certain vehicles if they believe the access is likely to cause problems. Problems include:

  • Cause damage to road infrastructure.
  • Impose adverse effects on the community from noise, emissions or traffic congestion.
  • Pose significant risks to public safety arising from heavy vehicle use that is incompatible with road infrastructure or traffic conditions.

Mr Hillier said there was no cost to the council to gazette a road, but upgrades will be needed in the future.

"Long term, it is likely the council will need to upgrade the southern end of Meatworks Road from the JBS Australia Meatworks factory to Naracoorte Road, to comply with 'fit for purpose standards' for the larger vehicles," Mr Hillier said.

"This would involve widening the shoulders and sealing an additional 0.5m on each shoulder."

Mr Hillier also said providing higher classification vehicle access supported industry to move more freight at a reduced cost, ultimately supporting the local economy.

Due to the road meeting minimum standards the council suggested approval should be granted to DPTI, as the access provides the most convenient, cost-effective means of granting access.