Lorna celebrates 105th birthday with family

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Lorna Henstridge celebrated her 105th birthday on June 6 at Keith's Henry & Rose cafe.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Lorna Henstridge celebrated her 105th birthday on June 6 at Keith's Henry & Rose cafe.

Surrounded by family members and friends, Lorna Henstridge celebrated her 105th birthday at Keith's Henry & Rose cafe.

Born in Adelaide on June 6, 1914, Lorna was one of four children and spent her childhood at "Nurmoo" Willlamulka, eventually moving to her grandmother's home in Adelaide to attend school.

Lorna attended St Peters Girls school for four years, where she is now their oldest old scholar.

She soon met her husband Allan and decided to move to Victor Harbor, where they lived for 10 years after he had finished serving with the army.

In 1956, Lorna moved to Keith with her husband and three children David, Jennie and Carol.

"We stopped at Keith to look at a cricket match and my husband got talking to someone from the Keith Menswear," Lorna recalled.

"We ended up moving into that business and we never left."

Once they moved to Keith, Lorna and her family fell in love with everything about the town.

Lorna and Allan were immediately was drawn in by the fantastic sporting community, with both playing various sports in the area. Lorna was the treasurer of the Keith Golf Club for over 30 years.

Staying involved with the community was something Lorna enjoyed, as she was involved in many different community groups over the years.

"Nearly every community group, I've been involved in," she said. "I think the trick is to be interested in everything you do and other people.

"I've always loved people and the community here is so close you get to meet everyone."

She considered moving to Adelaide after retiring for a change of scenery, but the charm of Keith convinced her to stay.

"I tried to talk my husband into retiring in Adelaide, but he liked Keith too much and I'd have to agree."

Lorna has now been a Keith local for over 62 years and after experiencing an active lifestyle, she is now happy to settle down and enjoy some quieter time.

Many locals would be happy that she made the decision to stay in Keith all those years ago, as she has been a fantastic mentor and servant to the Keith community.