Border Bowmen host Inter Club shoot at Bordertown

Words by Vice President of Border Bowmen Frank Ciampa.

On May 18-19, an Inter Club shoot was held at Bordertown.

With only a few members, working bees were held prior to the shoot, cleaning up, gathering fire wood, rake leaves, set up targets buts, find markers etc.

On the Friday the last minute things were done, pick up mobile toilet, BBQ trailer, ice and drinks.

All the lighting had been done prior by the President David Hampel and wife Careen camped at the grounds as care takers and did lots of jobs around the course.

Leading up to and including the weekend the weather had been good with 20 degrees days, cool nights and mornings.

As it is an ABA sanctioned shoot with nominations received a week before, the archers are placed into groups Friday night with Captains and start targets ready for a bow check Saturday morning.

The campfire was lit early so archers and followers can have breakfast and a cuppa and chin wag and keep warm at the same time.

A dear friend of ours from Red Cliffs near Mildura, Jan Watkins arrived on Wednesday and helped Denise with preparation of food and salads and was an enormous help to the club, which was greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately long-time member of Border Bowmen Chris Barrett had an injury and hasn't been able to shoot of late or this weekend and he would have been disappointed as he loves his archery.

The first to arrive was 1.30pm Friday and then the others slowly trickled in during the evening and night, dedicated Branch Controller Brett Raymond and Treasurer Hazel Kirlew arrived quietly about 11pm.

Saturday morning arrived with archers muster at 9.15am, followed by a 3 arrow round, lunch of salad rolls, cake and then after a break a 1 arrow round. Due to smooth running we had finished in good time.

As it is our tradition at Border Bowmen Denise Ciampa commenced her entertainment late afternoon.

First up was the Bacon Buster Challenge where the archers shoot through the centre of a metal pig which was made by me quite a few years ago.

After each round a new smaller hole is inserted until we get down to a 50mm hole.

An old arrow is used for this event because if you hit the pig, goodbye arrow. We had two joint winners in Noel Mewburn (Yogi) and Darren Everett.

Winner of the cubs section was also a tie with Jack Gaston and Tyson Benton-Punter. The lucky winners took home a prize of home-made biscuits.

A BBQ evening meal was cooked and served with salads followed by pancakes and some more entertainment around the campfire which was enjoyed by all. Approximately 50 people attended.

Sunday morning dawned with a weather forecast for possible heavy showers in the late afternoon.

The organizers had planned what they called a loop shoot so archers could start and finish at the camp, going in a clock wise direction and save time to beat the rain.

This system worked very well and after the 2 rounds of shooting was completed .Lunch followed while scores were been tallied.

Presentations of medals were then done along with a table raffle draw and a group photo was taken.

A thank you gift was given to our Brank Controller Brett Raymond and Treasurer Hazel Kirlew for all they do, often unseen.

It was then a big thank you and farewell to competitors and families from afar. Clean up then commenced and we were all wrapped up by 3pm.

Yes the rain did come at 6pm and what a beautiful sound it was on the roof as it has been so dry for so long in our neck of the woods.

Border Bowmen would like to thank all the Archers and families that attended our successful shoot.

For those who are interested in archery they are welcome to come along to our club shoots for an introduction to archery.

It is a family sport for all ages, great exercise for a walk in the park and a fantastic way to interact with other people.

The club has a shoot calendar which is available with both our local shoot dates, held every two weeks and ABA shoots at other clubs which are held monthly.

For further information please contact one of the following members:

  • David Hampel 0438 785 460 - President
  • Chris Barrett 0490 881 724 - Treasurer