Purple Paddock to host printmakers exhibition

Keith's Purple Paddock gallery is excited to announce for the month of June it will be hosting an International Printmakers Showcase exhibition.

Sally Caston and Simone Tippett are two Keith-born artists whose work will feature in the gallery.

Sally's artistic inclinations began the moment she was able to pick up a coloured pencil.

Her childhood was spent at Keith. Now living in the Adelaide Hills, Sally can be found in the outdoors wandering and gaining inspiration from her surroundings.

Majoring in illustration at the University of South Australia, she spent more than 20 years heading up a high profile design and marketing consultancy firm in Adelaide.

Recently, she has had the opportunity to submit an edition of prints to a London art exchange, feeling honoured and also slightly bewildered at how a country kid at heart could be asked to be part of such an internationally esteemed collaborative project.

Simone also grew up in the South East, calling Keith home in the 1970s and then Kingston-Millicent in the 1980s.

Her love of printmaking is firmly rooted in its community nature, as well as the pleasures of handmade, process-based artworks.

She is a practising artist, curates exhibitions and print events, and has been teaching art classes as Union St Printmakers in Adelaide since 2009.

The three other visiting artists are Ruth Fernandez, Sophie Leterme and Martine Whalley.

The majority of the exhibition's work will be linocuts. A linocut is a form of relief printmaking where the design is cut into the lino surface with sharp tools, leaving the raised area as the printable surface. The lino is then inked with a roller and then lovingly impressed onto paper using an etching press.

Sally and Simone's love of printmaking stems from a reaction against the digital, the mass-produced and overexposure to advertising.

"To hand-print as a way of making art introduces an element of chance to art making, because every time you lift your bit of paper from the plate, you can never be 100 per cent sure what you will get," Sally said.

The exhibition will feature a range of works from bold prints to gorgeous multilayered works. Topics vary from landscapes, nature, floral designs to playful animals and multimedia graphic representations.

The exhibition opens on Monday, June 3 and runs until Friday, June 28.