New loading zone requested for East Terrace

Tatiara District Council has received a request from Transfer Industries to provide a loading zone on East Terrace.

The location for the proposed loading zone would be adjacent to Bordertown Car Wash.

Tatiara District Council's director of infrastructure and operations Aaron Hillier said the loading zone would benefit the company, as it looked for a safe area to unload rainwater to fill the car wash.

"The proposed loading zone will take up one car park space and will provide the opportunity for Transfer Industries to fill the car wash with rainwater in a safe and convenient manner," Mr Hillier said.

Mr Hillier said parking in the area was predominantly used by Foodland Supermarket staff and customers, and the loss of a single parking space wouldn't affect the business.

"There are approximately 38 car parks available. Observations indicate that it is very rare to have all parks in the area utilised," Mr Hillier said.

"Therefore the loss of a single car park for loading purposes will not have an impact on parking in the area."

Transfer Industries said it would require access for unloading water between 5-7pm each day.

"To further alleviate concern over parking availability, a time during which the loading zone applies could be implemented," Mr Hillier said.

If the project was to be undertaken, it would cost about $200 to install the required loading zone parking signs.

The council will continue to consult with local businesses to discuss the proposed parking changes and more information will be announced in the near future.