Students to start after school yoga sessions

Keith Area School has teamed up with a yoga instructor to offer students with an activity which has proven health benefits.

Yoga instructor Steph Bartlett recently moved back to Keith after living in Adelaide for a few years and now teaches weekly yoga classes at the Keith Institute.

After spending time teaching adults, she is now ready to transfer her skills to benefit students at the Keith school.

"I'm now branching out to do yoga with students as well. Over the last few years I've taught yoga at numerous schools around Adelaide, and received great feedback from teachers, students and parents," Steph said.

"I'm really excited to be able to do weekly yoga classes with students, so they can build up some consistency with their yoga practice and feel the benefits."

School can be a stressful time for students and Steph believes yoga can provide students with countless benefits, including potentially improving their academic performance.

"I believe the younger students can start yoga the better, especially with the rates of anxiety and depression among young people appearing to be on the rise," Steph said.

"Yoga is fantastic for helping students increase their self awareness, feel comfortable in their own skin, and calm their body and mind.

"In a day and age where students can have very busy schedules, the chance to slow down and connect with themselves in a yoga class can have huge benefits."

When asked what she looks to achieve with the students' yoga sessions, Steph said she wants to teach them techniques which are transferable throughout life.

"My aim with these yoga classes is to assist students to calm their body and mind," Steph said.

"I'll take them through guided meditations at the start and end of the class, and teach them breathing techniques to help calm their nervous system.

"I'll also take them through a series of yoga postures to help them develop balance, strength and flexibility, and have some fun whilst doing so."

The sessions will take place at the Keith Area School hall for four consecutive weeks (the last four weeks of term). Classes start on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. Cost is $12 per class.

There's a maximum of 20 students for each class, with half the spots already filled for the first session.

For more information about the sessions, contact Steph via email: