3.39% rate rise for Tatiara | Budget 2019/20

Tatiara District Council is proposing a slightly higher rate rise of 3.39 per cent for the next financial year, with a minimum charge being set at $560.

This follows four years which have seen a 2.8 per cent increase in 2018/19, 2.4 per cent increase in 2017/18, a zero rate increase in 2016/17 and a 4.4 per cent rate reduction in 2015/16 respectively.

The performance of the Tatiara's rural sector has played a part in the rate increase, with cereal and grape harvests being seen as average and below average respectively.

Growth in the areas business sector and the demand for further industrial land will see the creation of five additional blocks at the Keith Industrial Estate this financial year.

"Although the overall rate increase is 3.39 per cent, rate payers will be affected differently depending on changes to their property values," Mayor Graham Excell said.

"Rural areas and towns in our district have seen different changes in their valuations which will be reflected in the increases or decreases of rates to be paid for these properties.

CEO Anne Champness stated that the 2019/20 Budget and Annual Business Plan aims to balance the provision of services and facilities with our community's ability to pay.

"Unfortunately, the reality is that as a small regional council, we have limited opportunity to raise revenue other than rates," Ms Champness said.

"While we try to maximise external grants, 67 per cent of the income required to maintain services and infrastructure ranging from swimming pools to libraries to road maintenance comes from the rates we raise.

The Budget for 2019/20 provides for operating expenditure of $16.1 million (including depreciation of $5 million), which compares to budgeted operating expenditure of $15.5 million in 2018/19.

Some of the major projects in the 2019/20 Budget include:

  • 2020 Tatiara Masters Games: $117,000.
  • Bordertown Bike Paths: $100,000.
  • Keith, Bruce Avenue footpath: $80,000
  • Bordertown Hockey/Cricket/Soccer Clubrooms: $50,000.
  • Keith Industrial Estate (2nd stage): $50,000
  • Bordertown Chambers - Gyprock and paint: $55,000

The levy against the use of land will be similar to what ratepayers paid in 2018/19:

  • Residential, Vacant & Other: $76
  • Commercial: $121
  • Industrial: $174
  • Primary Production: $350

"Considerable effort has gone into ensuring that the mix of services and capital works meets the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors to the region," CEO Anne Champness said.

Any members of the public wishing to make comment are invited to forward written submissions to the council by 5pm on June 8.

Submissions can be forwarded via email to office@tatiara.sa.gov.au or PO Box 346, Bordertown SA 5268.

The community is also invited to attend a public meeting in the council chambers at 7pm on June 11, which will allow the public to ask questions regarding the draft annual business plan and budget.