Tatiara artists have work displayed on world stage

Tatiara artists James Darling and Lesley Forwood will have their Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe exhibition shown at this year's La Biennale di Venezia event in Venice, Italy.

The exhibition is an exploration of the beginning of life on earth, with the pair having used Mallee roots to form the likeness of rock-like thrombolites, the only living organisms on earth for three billion years, and the creators of our atmosphere.

Mallee roots are a material that can be found in abundance on their property in Duck Island, outside of Keith.

Mr Darling described what it was like first seeing the roots in a lake, something he felt was "eerie".

"It had an otherworldly feel about it, and it's got some areas where the sky and the water seem to merge and there seem to be no horizon line, and it could go on forever," Mr Darling said.

Living Rocks was selected as the only Australian Official Collateral Event in the La Biennale di Venezia, something Art Gallery of South Australia Director Rhana Devenport is extremely proud of.

"Not only is Living Rocks by James Darling and Lesley Forwood one of a number of international art events selected as official Collateral Events, it is the only Australian collateral project selected," Ms Devenport said.

This means that South Australia will have a very strong presence at the world's most significant art event, and it will have its very own presence in the astonishing Magazzini del Sale. The Art Gallery of South Australia is honoured to be the official promoter of the event.

Living Rocks, curated by Art Gallery of South Australia's assistant director Lisa Slade, will be in Venice until November 24.