'True Doors' to bring familiarity to residential care

Bordertown Hospital's Charla Lodge residential care facility has installed decals on the residents' doors to help create a more homely environment.

The decals were fitted by True Doors, using designs that replicate the look of everyday doors, so residents can feel like they are at home.

Bordertown Hospital's leisure lifestyle coordinator Sharon Rothe was the driving figure behind the concept and believes it couldn't have turned out any better.

"When it comes to changing the surroundings, we can't change the building structurally, so we've done the next best thing by adding some fantastic designs and colours to the existing area," Sharon said.

"The stickers for the doors came all the way from Amsterdam and the residents had the chance to choose from 15 different designs.

"Since they've been installed, we have heard nothing but positive feedback from the community and for $150 a door it was an easy decision to make."

The hospital had the idea to add decals to the doors around three years ago, but only got the first of the doors completed in November last year.

"It has been a long time coming, but I am so proud of the difference it has made to the facility. These type of projects require a lot of people to make it happen," Sharon said.

Bordertown is the first hospital in South Australia to have the True Doors installed and now other hospitals are looking to replicate their success.

"Although we aren't the first in the country, we are getting places like Whyalla looking to replicate what we have done," Sharon said.

Sharon stated that residential care sometimes gets a bad rap and projects like this allow them to change external perceptions.

"Projects like this shows that we care about our residents and their families, because we want them to feel like they are living in a home away from home," Sharon said.

Beth Grigg and Mandy Howard donated a door in memory of their mother, and after seeing the doors for the first time, they couldn't believe how great they looked.

"The door looks incredible. It's such a great initiative and I am so happy that it's making a huge difference for so many families," Beth said.

"Bordertown Hospital provides so much care to its residents. We are lucky to such a great aged care facility," Mandy added.

Bordertown Hospital has more plans for the residential care facility in the future, further showing that the hospital is leading the way when it comes to resident satisfaction.