Preparations well underway for Mundulla Debutante Ball

Preparations are well underway for the annual Mundulla Debutante Ball, which will be held at the Mundulla Hall on Friday, May 17.

This year will see 20 debutantes and their partners take part, with many spending their Monday evenings learning their three presentation dances with dance teachers Alan and Wendy Twigden, Geoff Williams and Jenny Marshall.

The three presentation dances include the Marietta Waltz, Glyngarry Swing and King's Waltz together with other popular dances.

Deb Ball coordinator Sonya Obst said she was excited to see how the debs and their partners perform on the night, due to the hard work they had put in to prepare.

"The debs and partners are a joy to teach, full of enthusiasm and determination to get the steps right," Sonya said.

"One of the practices, parents were invited to come along and learn some dances for the ball. It was an exceptionally well attended night and the parents had so much fun.

"The parents learnt pretty quickly how much of a great job their children were doing to remember all the steps."

During the practices, the couples are taught the etiquette expected, with boys taught how to look after their partner and how to ask a girl for a dance.

Sonya felt it was fantastic to see the annual tradition still going strong after all these years.

"It is wonderful to see young couples keen to keep the tradition going," Sonya said.

The ball is the main fundraiser for the Mundulla Hall and the event organisers appreciate how the community gets involved and shows its support each year.

Sonya encourages everyone to stay to enjoy the evening, which will feature plenty of dancing.

The presentation starts at 8.15pm and is then followed by a traditional country supper. Dancing will the be provided by Lois Miller until 11.30pm.