Keith's 'Of Fibre and Found' art exhibition

Keith's 'The Purple Paddock' will host its 'Of Fibre and Found' gallery until the end of April.

The Purple Paddock is a community hub aimed at giving local makers and bakers a space to showcase their work to the community.

The Purple Paddock also enables new arrivals the opportunity to become involved with the community through volunteer work.

This will be the first exhibit by artist Sheryl Hunt, who only started making her unique pieces of art a year ago.

"Around a year ago, I made my first basket with string made from plant material I'd found in my garden. It was an experiment and I now use it as my egg basket.

"My interest in basket making and refining my techniques increased as I continued to practice," Sheryl said.

Once Sheryl got the taste of using materials from her backyard, her next step was to use different techniques.

"I started to look at my garden through a different lens, wondering how plant fibres would react to being dried, split, soaked and then woven together to make string.

"Some are very accommodating and are soft to work with, others are the exact opposite," Sheryl said.

After months of practice, Sheryl decided to broaden her talents, moving from baskets to other pieces of art.

"Over time, my focus strayed from baskets to creating sculptural objects.

"When still green, twisted willow is fun to play with and can be wrenched and prodded into all sorts of interesting shapes.

"From my shell collection, old broken ones have been given a new life as well as those which were still intact," Sheryl said.

When asked which piece was her favourite to create, she said that they all have their own individual charm.

"Each piece is unique, quirky and a celebration of the natural world.

"I've had a great deal of fun and I hope that my objects bring smiles to peoples faces," Sheryl said.

Locals are encouraged to come and visit the gallery, and experience the wide range of objects that are on show.

Sheryl's 'Of Fibre and Found' art exhibition will be available to the public until the end of April.