Conservative senate candidate visits Tatiara

Conservative Party SA Senate candidate Rikki Lambert visited Bordertown and Keith last week, as the Australian federal election fast approaches.

The main topics Mr Lambert talked about were protesting livestock farmers, foreign ownership of farm water and land, and stopping the brain drain and youth unemployment.

He talked heavily about the attack on SA farmers, most importantly the vegan activists invading livestock farmers' land.

"The latest attack on farmers by vegan vigilantes illustrates what will happen if country voters vote blindly this federal election," he said.

"When it comes to the demands of activists, if Labor are the fuel, the Greens are the accelerant. Many would-be 'crossbenchers' are equally green.

"Inner city militant vegans that believe the CBD is the 'real Australia' will yell, scream and demand an end to long-standing farming practices," Mr Lambert said.

Mr Lambert also stated that rural South Australians need to use their Senate vote "strategically".

"The eastern states dominate the major parties where a safe local member has little say.

"The Senate though has equal representation for each state, so electing someone outside the major parties to the senate is more than smart.

"The Senate also holds the PM to account to look after all South Australians, stick to traditional values and reduce taxes and red tape," Mr Lambert said.

Mr Lambert left a strong message that locals need to "stand up" and "fight to be heard".

"Voting country people in will remind the major parties that local concerns matter."