Leaf build-up a problem on Woolshed Street

Businesses on Bordertown's Woolshed Street have become annoyed of the constant build up of leaves and other small items on the town's busy main street.

Up to six businesses have voiced their displeasure of having to constantly blow and sweep the plant matter off the foot path and around their stores.

Tatiara District Council's Director Infrastructure Operations Aaron Hillier was surprised at the amount of displeasure shown by local businesses and believes adjustments may need to be made.

"I went to speak with four of the six businesses who voiced their concerns and I was a little surprised with the feedback.

"They do have some concerns about the leaves and trees on Woolshed Street - that's mainly due to them having to continuously sweep and blow off the leaves from early summer all the way through to the end of autumn.

"The trees that they talk about have small berries which get into the businesses and get stuck in the carpet," Mr Hillier said.

Local businesses also state that the build up of leaves in the gutters have on some occasions resulted in water pooling onto the footpath and inside some stores.

Although the problem may seem small and easy to contain, staff members from the stores who signed the petition believe that the problem is something that can be easily fixed.

Some stores believe that increased sweeping by the council could eradicate most of the problem caused by the leaves.

However, some businesses haven't had problems with the build-up of leaves, stating that they deal with it quite easily.

Cowboys and Angels Cafe say that they suck it up and sweep and blow off the leaves that are around their business.

"We haven't had a problem with the leaves at all.

"We do what most businesses do and make sure that our cafe is clean and tidy at the opening and closing of every day," they said.

The fortnightly street sweeping program runs throughout the year, increasing to once a week right from late April until mid May.

Included in the process is the sweeping of the footpath, which will have the potential to clear the path of any leaves and berries left by the trees.

Tatiara District Council will continue to listen to feedback from the stores who signed the petition.

In the meantime, Tatiara District Council will continue to monitor the sweeping program and decide whether changes need to be made.

"We will monitor the process over the next few weeks and then decide whether we need to potentially increase the sweeping frequency," Mr Hillier said.