Kheeli Harris competes at state finals

Keith Area School student Kheeli Harris competed at the Lions Youth of the Year states finals in Berri last Saturday.

It has been an impressive couple of months for Kheeli, winning the Keith Lions Youth of the Year award in February.

She impressed at the Keith Lions Youth of the Year after speaking about how everyone has a connection with positivity, but it is up to the individual to define their own meaning of positivity.

Kheeli's success meant that she would go on to represent the Keith Lions Club at the District finals on March 30.

Much like she did at the Keith-based awards, she impressed the judges, finishing in the top three and booking herself a place in the state finals.

Unfortunately for Kheeli, she was unable to progress to the national finals, which are held in Geelong this year.

Although she wasn't a winner on the day, Kheeli showed the ability to think on her feet and deliver a clear message in the impromptu questions, providing a thought provoking message to the audience in her prepared speech.

Keith Area School deputy principal Alicia Keatley attended the state finals in Berri and couldn't be prouder of Kheeli's achievement.

"Kheeli might not have won the competition, but she has definitely highlighted how impressive she is as an individual," said deputy principal Keatley.

The school praised all the work that the Keith Lions Club has done when it comes to giving all students the chance to be involved in the competition.

Credit also has to go to Mrs Allen who puts a lot of energy into supporting the students to be successful.