Bordertown is experiencing a lack of housing

Bordertown and other towns across the Tatiara are reportedly facing a housing crisis which has seen the increased number of workers in the region having difficulties finding available properties to live in.

At Naracoorte Lucindale Council's meeting last week, it was reported that there were currently "zero" rental properties in the Tatiara District Council area.

Meat processing businesses in the region are finding it incredibly difficult to recruit long-term employees due to the shortage of available housing.

JBS Bordertown plant manager Trevor Schiller said the town hasn't coped with the population growth caused by the region's growing agricultural and timber industries.

"Growth in the area has seen workers looking to move to the area full-time, but there simply isn't enough properties available," he said.

Mr Schiller said that workers find short-term accommodation "unattractive" and many would rather stay in the area permanently.

"We want people to live in the area permanently, and the current situation is restricting people who want to move the the district.

"Seventy-two per cent of our workforce is made up of migrants who have the intent of settling into the area.

"The housing crisis will impact the people who are looking to stay here for the long term."

Tatiara District Council CEO Anne Champness said the district had many successful large businesses, but many of them rely heavily on bringing in outside labour.

"The Tatiara district is very prosperous and innovative with a diverse agricultural base and a substantial number of successful large businesses," she said.

"Our unemployment rate is 1.7 per cent, at a time when Australia welcomes an unemployment rate of 4.9 per cent, which means we have to bring in labour from outside the district to address significant labour shortages.

"Unfortunately, housing stock in the Tatiara has not kept pace with our growing economy and labour needs, and there is very little rental available.

"The lack of accommodation is a big barrier to our economy's further expansion and we are exploring possible solutions with the state and federal governments, our neighbours Naracoorte Lucindale Council, the Bordertown Migrant Resource Centre and housing providers."