Ray and Deidre celebrate 65 years together

Bordertown couple Ray and Deidre Phelps are celebrating a major milestone this week, reaching 65 years of marriage.

Deidre moved to Bordertown in the 1940s after her family moved from Port Lincoln due to threat of living in a coastal town during WWII.

Relocating to Bordertown seemed to be a blessing in disguise, as Deidre met the love of her live after the move.

"If it wasn't for WWII, I don't think that we would've have ever met, because I would likely still be living in Port Lincoln" said Deidre.

The two eventually met in 1952, after Deidre was given a job teaching local boys to dance.

After meeting, their relationship then started to flourish, with the two eventually getting married on March 13, 1954.

Getting married wasn't smooth sailing, with Ray's mother expressing her opposition to them getting married on March 13, due to the association with bad luck and the number 13.

The two eventually decided to marry on that date, even after Ray's mum's concern.

After getting married, the couple relocated to a farm at Pine Hill.

They went on to become parents to four beautiful children, before deciding to settle down in Bordertown.

In 1982, Deidre and Ray built a property on what is now Creecona Terrace, the first house to be built in that area of town.

The two have lived in the house ever since and continue to love Bordertown as much as ever.

"Bordertown is fantastic, it has everything we need and its medical service is second-to-none when it comes to looking after older people," said Ray.

When asked about the secret to a long marriage, the couple put it down to living in the Tatiara, constant communication and continually "working at it".

"Girls didn't used to work after getting married back in the day and nowadays women are independent and are deciding to work during marriage," Deidre said.

"I think the secret is to continue to build as people as you go along, things aren't always perfect and if you can manage to ride the bumps, you'll come out the other-side better for it," Ray said.

Deidre said one of Ray's best traits was that he was the ultimate handyman and could seemingly make and fix anything he put his mind to.

Ray felt Deidre's best quality was being a fantastic mother and working incredibly hard to raise their children to be the best they could be.

The couple are still active in the Bordertown community and ultimately couldn't think of a better part of the world to live.