Keith students strike for climate change awareness

Students across the country - including Keith - will sacrifice education time when they skip school on Friday March 15 to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change.

School Strike 4 Climate is a movement which will unite kids together from all around Australia and reach out to politicians to take the future of youth in the country seriously.

The march will hope to speed up the process which will see Australia move beyond fossil fuel projects and move towards the use of 100 per cent renewable energy.

The strike will push towards a future that is powered by the wind and the sun and not by coal and gas.

A group of students from Keith Area School have banded together to show their support for change and hope that they can inspire others to do the same.

Year 10 student Connor Perry organised the movement after collaborating with some of his peers who felt the same way. 

"I am extremely passionate about the environment and strongly believe in the strike and what it stands for," Connor said.

Connor is also a mentor for the Youth Environment Council of South Australia, which is a council that consists of approximately 60 students statewide and provides young people a voice in key environmental issues facing South Australia.

"My involvement in the council has made me more aware of the issues that impact the world and affect us today," he said.

The children involved in the march will hope for a future that is free from extreme weather, drought, pollution and sickness caused by climate change.

About 2800 school and uni students will attend the Adelaide School Strike 4 Climate outside State Parliament.

It is expected that around 1000 schools across the world will join in Strike 4 Climate on March 15.