Do you have an Anzac story to tell?

From the Boer War, through to the World Wars and the current Afghanistan deployment, Australia has shown its fighting spirit through the men and women who serve.

The Anzac legend continues to build as stories from all theatres of war over the years are recorded for everyone to discover.

Each South Australian community, every council district and thousands of families have been affected by war - whether it is the loss of a loved one, the return of friend or the relocation of dispersed persons, there is a story to be told which will ensure the Anzac legacy will live on.

If you have a story, prose or photos which depicts the spirit of the Anzacs we want to hear from you.

Your presentation will be added to a compilation of articles from around South Australia - a collection which will show the diversity of experiences and the camaraderie of the armed forces.

To make your submission (no more than 600 words) use the form below.

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