Too many drink, drug drivers nabbed in SA Police operation

Almost 8000 drivers were required to take a breath test over the Adelaide Cup Day long weekend, as part of a South Australian Police operation.

Police also drug tested more than 570 motorists as part of Operation Safe Long Weekend.

There were 65 people who tested over the prescribed alcohol limit across the state, while 52 drivers had positive results for drug driving.

Some motorists will also be lighter in the pocket after 565 speeding detections, 47 seat belt offences and 35 mobile phone offences were handed out.

SA Police Traffic Support Branch chief inspector Amit Sareen said driving over the legal alcohol limit or having drugs in a driver's system was an unacceptable risk which put other road users in jeopardy.

“Drink and drug driving has long been recognised as a major contributing factor to road crashes," he said.

“Police will continue to detect these drivers and take them off the roads whenever we can, before they kill an innocent person.”

“Operation Stop Drink/Drug driving is one of our many special focus operations, but I remind all drivers that police can breath test and drug test any driver or motorcycle rider at any time of the day or night, anywhere in the state.”

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