Keith Area School students are enjoying their new STEM facilities

Students from the Keith Area School are enjoying new learning opportunities and using creativity prospects via the school’s recently completed STEM building renovations and programs.

The new developments allow for students to learn collaboratively, openly and independently and include a manufacturing lab, which students recently used to design, construct and prototype their own bubble blowers. 

Keith Area School principal Tobias O’Connor told the Chonicle that within the manufacturing lab were five 3D printers, which students across all ages had access to during study of technologies. 

“We’ve been designing and creating things over at the Keith Area School and its been really fantastic,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Our primary technologies teacher worked with junior primary kids to plan out and design bubble blowers.

“The Reception kids designed the bubble blowers they wanted and then the older kids designed it properly out on an iPad and printed the final product out using our 3D printers.”

Mr O’Connor said after the prototypes were complete, the older students worked with the foundation students to test out the models.

“It’s really exciting the things we can start to do and implement in learning now with new technologies.”

Mr O’Connor said although the STEM facilities were only just complete, the school had been working on STEM programs for quite some time. 

“We have been already working with STEM,” he said.

“We’ve had different areas of the renovations complete before others, so for a while we’ve been a bit all over the place moving students around.

“Our STEM centres are spread out through different significant spaces, the middle school area, the primary area, the senior Area, and the art room.”

He said the open spaces were especially designed and developed to maximise and facilitate group collaboration. 

“All of our spaces still have tables and desks, but we’ve focussed on placing them in certain areas and acquiring a whole range of suitable furniture.”

Mr O’Connor said building renovations had taken place over the duration of a year, and would be officially inaugurated on March 1 at the official opening. 

“We are pretty excited to unveil the whole thing properly,” Mr O’Connor said.