Keith Area School all ready to start water safety program

The Keith Area School found itself in hot water late last year, following comments by Keith resident Miles Hannemann that the school had “not made enough effort” to implement its annual water safety program.

Keith Area School principal Tobias O’Connor insisted that the school had done everything in its power to implement the program, but despite its best efforts, instructors couldn’t be found to facilitate the program. 

Mr O’Connor said after investigating over the Christmas break, the school had successfully sought out solutions to recommence the program for 2019.

“We are all set up and ready to start rolling,” Mr O’Connor said. 

“The swimming program will commence on March 4 and take place over a two-week period.

“The program will be available to students in foundation through to Year 7 and we are also going to offer the program to the new Year 8s who may have missed out late last year – we are playing a bit of catch-up.”

Mr O’Connor told the Chronicle the solution to facilitate the program was to use the same instructors who instructed the Bordertown swimming program.

“We are going to follow on and use the same instructors as Bordertown,” he said.

“We followed our research with some members of the council and we worked out who in the district was qualified. There were many different ideas and we were open to all of them. 

“We followed through and were able to touch base with people who had qualifications, we needed a head instructor which was one of the key things that was missing – we’ve sourced that now.”

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