Limestone Coast WFL ready for kick-off | 2019 DRAW

The new-look 11-team Veolia Limestone Coast Women’s Football League is nearly ready for its 2019 kick-off.

The season starts on February 3 (Full draw appears below).

There are three new teams – Mundulla, Casterton Sandford and Penola – in the competition which was won in 2018 by Kybybolite in its first year in the league.

The season will start on Sunday February 3 and conclude with a grand final round on Sunday March 31 at South Gambier.

The format will be similar to previous years in that each team has the opportunity to host home rounds, with some split rounds being scheduled to allow this to occur.

All matches will be on Sundays except for March 11 which will be a Monday depending on availability due to the long weekend.

Some highlights will be the first round being held at Mundulla where the home team will debut against last year’s grand finalist Millicent and the rematch of last year’s grand finalists Kybybolite and Millicent on Monday, March 11.

Kyby will host a home round on Sunday, February 24, and Penola will host half a split round on Sunday, March 17.

The top players will be vying to be selected in the SE Women’s team at the end of the season to compete in the State Country Championships at Port Pirie in July.

The league encourages anyone interested in playing AFL to contact their local club.

The LCWFL thanks Veolia as the naming rights sponsor of the competition and values their continuing support.

2019 draw:

Round 1 – Sunday 3rd February At Mundulla

10.30am North v South, 11.45am Casterton Sandford v Kybybolite, 1.00pm East v Glencoe, 2.15pm Kalangadoo v West-Port, 3.30pm Mundulla v Millicent, Bye Penola

Round 2 – Sunday 10th February At Vansittart Park

10.30am Glencoe v Kalangadoo, 11.45am Mundulla v East, 1.00pm West-Port v Penola, 2.15pm South v Casterton Sandford, 3.30pm North v Millicent, Bye Kybybolite

Round 3 – Sunday 17th February Malseed Park 

10.30am South v Glencoe, 11.45am North v Casterton Sandford, 1.00pm East v Penola, 2.15pm Mundulla v Kybybolite, 3.30pm West-Port v Millicent, Bye Kalangadoo 

Round 4 – Sunday 24th February At Kybybolite

10.30am South v Penola, 11.45am Casterton Sandford v Glencoe, 1.00pm North v Mundulla, 2.15 pm Kalangadoo v Millicent, 3.30pm Kybybolite v West-Port, Bye East

Round 5 – Sunday 3rd March At McDonald Park

10.30am Casterton Sandford v Kalangadoo, 11.45am South v Millicent, 1.00pm Penola v North, 2.15pm West-Port v Mundulla, 3.30pm East v Kybybolite, Bye Glencoe

Round 6 (Split Round) (Long Weekend) – Monday 11th March

At Millicent – 11.45am North v Kalangadoo, 1.00pm Glencoe v West-Port, 2.15pm Millicent v Kybybolite

At Island Park – 11.45am Mundulla v Penola, 1.00pm Casterton Sandford v East, Bye South 

Round 7 (Split Round) Sunday 17th March

At Glencoe – 11.45am West-Port v South, 1.00pm Kalangadoo v East, 2.15pm Glencoe v Kybybolite

At Penola – 11.45am Mundulla v Casterton Sandford, 1.00pm Penola v Millicent, Bye North

Round 8 – Sunday 24th March At Kalangadoo

10.30am West-Port v North, 11.45am South v East, 1.00pm Mundulla v Glencoe, 2.15pm Penola v Casterton Sandford, 3.30pm Kalangadoo v Kybybolite, Bye Millicent

Grand Finals Series – Sunday 31st March At South Gambier (based on premiership ladder)

9 v 10

7 v 8 

5 v 6 

3 v 4 

1 v 2 (Grand Final)