Fashion at the Races brings a new dynamic to the Bordertown Cup

There’s no doubt that horse racing is the backbone of the annual Bordertown Cup races, but in recent years, ‘Fashion at the Races’ has brought a new dynamic to the field. 

Twice-titled FATR Bordertown winner, Bri Scanlon, told the Chronicle the fashion aspect of the races has given birth to a new ‘scene’ in the South-East. 

“My first race event was at the Millicent Cup where I’m originally from, but after getting to know other girls through the FATR, it makes you want to go to race meets, stay in touch and learn more about fashion,” she said. 

“I’ve made a lot of friends through FATR and we stay in touch –- there’s also a Facebook group and we chat about fashion, style and trends.

“There is definitely a group that pretty much only go for fashions in particular, it’s a hobby in a way. There are jockeys and horses that come for the race and leave after the race. You go to netball games and you go home after games. It’s the same thing.”

At the most recent Bordertown Race Day in December, Bri was crowned winner of the FATR with her bright red two-piece outfit designed by Bri and South-East dressmaker, Di McLaughlin. 

“I went to Di with a pretty bad sketch and a few pictures of some different outfits. Within a week she had made up a mock outfit and then we poked and prodded around and came up with the final design.

“She did an amazing job, the final outcome wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but we had to alter the design a bit to suit my body shape and the material.”

Bri said she had not expected to win the FATR event for a second time, after taking home the award in 2017. 

“It’s always nice to be confident but when I got to the races and saw so many amazing outfits I didn’t think I was going to win – it was really rewarding to win especially since so much work went into the outfit.”

Bri’s bright pink serpentine fascinator made by acclaimed milliner Melissa Barnes of Adorn Collection also impressed judges at the event. 

“I’ve got a room full of headpieces, one of them was made out of my nanna’s hat and I’m not letting go of that one but I’d like to sell some of my other pieces and dresses.”

Bri said she liked the Bordertown races for its family friendly atmosphere and close-knit community feel.

“I’ll be at the races next year, I really enjoy the Bordertown Cup. It has a similar feeling to the Millicent races!”

To contact Bri about purchasing her winning dress at the 2018 Bordertown races call 0429 705 823.