Days for Girls fundraising through Tatiara Work Centre

The Tatiara Work Centre has welcomed with open arms, community run charity, ‘Days for Girls’, to make use of the store’s free non-for-profit membership. 

The community produce trading hub enables non-for-profit groups, clubs and charities the opportunity to fundraise for free through the Tatiara Work Centre (TWC) and channel out to wider members of the district. 

Fundraising is facilitated by community groups or members of the public donating their excess fresh fruits, vegetables or plants to the work centre and allocating the profits toward their chosen non-for-profit organisation.

TWC member Shaun Taylor told the Chronicle that the recent partnership with Days for Girls happened ‘quite organically and with haste’. 

“Days for Girls group member and Rotary president Rose Milton happens to be my old high school art teacher,” Shaun said. 

“We were having a conversation at a recent Rotary movie night and I asked her if she had any projects in the works. Rose told me about Days for Girls and it sparked the idea to ask her if the group would like to join the work centre to help fundraise.

“Rose was in the work centre the next day filling out a form and within a couple of days were already selling lemons and fundraising profits.”

Shaun said it was really easy for members of the public to support TWC linked non-for-profit organisations. 

“People just have to drop their goods into the work centre and our volunteers can help them price and package the items,” he said.

“People can bring the produce in clean boxes or cleaned out ice cream containers.”

If you would like to learn more about Days for Girls please check out their website at

The TWC would like to thank Days for Girls representatives Rose Milton (Bordertown) and Jenny Smith (Wimmera) who are doing great work to diversify fundraising opportunities.

The TWC is open for trade Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm and on Saturday mornings.