Bordertown Girl Guides welcomes new leader Cassandra Smith

Bordertown Girl Guides Group welcomes new leader Cassandra Smith into their close-knit guild.

Cassandra relocated from Mount Gambier to Bordertown in September and said she wanted to become involved with Girl Guides to become further incorporated with the community. 

“I had been volunteering at the Bordertown Show and Phyllis from the Bordertown Girl Guides noticed I was doing a great job and invited me to join the guides as a new leader,” she said.

“I did four weeks of volunteering and now I’m officially a leader!”

Cassandra said the Bordertown community had been extremely welcoming and she looks forward to doing more. 

“It’s a great community and being a part of Girl Guides will enable me to know it better,” Cassandra said.

“It feels like I’ve accomplished something.”

Cassandra said her Girl Guides Group name was ‘Platypus’. 

“I’d love to see some more girls in the district join,” she said. 

“We do lots of activities like host craft days, go on trips, go to jamborees – you also get to meet a bunch of other people in the district.”

Cassandra encourages people who are new to the area to get involved with Girl Guides.

“Honestly, as someone who has just moved to the town, the Guides are great way to become involved with the community and meet a bunch of fun people.” To get in contact with the group, phone 8418 0900.